Sunway College: Charmaine & Johan

Malaysian University S★x Scandal - Sunway College Students Charmaine And Johan S★x Video

Charmaine and Johan are the stars of this Malaysian Sx Scandal made while studying at Sunway College. The two really go at it in their hot ten minute long amateur sx video.

Download the Sx Video After the Screen Shots Below!

Sunway University College (formerly Sunway College) in Malaysia has a student sx tape on their hands. This unprotected and totally raw s★x video has been around for sometime now but the folks at the university have managed to keep it off the radar thus far. It seems only students at the university and there friends know of the video of the 2 Sunway College students and thus far the media has yet to report the story. Over several months many students from the university have forwarded the s★x video to Someone wrote to the Gutter Uncensored email with some details:

Hi Blog Master,

Love your site. Love it completely and the fact that you focus so much on South East Asian Stories.

Anyways, here's an old video that has been circulating around since 2005/2006, its one of this Malaysian babe called Charmaine (Don't know her surname though) and her Malay BF at the time called Johan.

Would love for you to investigate more into their lives and expose more videos or hopefully pictures of this beautiful chick!

I have attached pictures of what I've encountered so far and also one of her vids.

I'm pretty sure you've seen these vids before... I will send more in following emails...

Hope to see you post this !

Greatly appreciated,
Hey anonymous tipster, you can send more now! Sorry for getting back to you so late. LOL... Anyway, these two Sunway College students in Kuala Lumpur made a homemade s★x video while at school. And somehow it got leaked onto the Internet around 2006. The girl had a Friendster profile that has since been remove that confirmed her as an university student in Malaysia at Sunway College. They both were expelled when the s★x video came to the attention of school officials. Then the cover-up began to prevent the name of the university from being hurt by a student s★x video scandal. Download the video after the pictures and screen shots below!

Here are the video screen shots:


Malaysian University
Sunway College Students Sx Scandal Video

File Size: 94.1 MB - Format: WMV - Runtime: 10:44 minutes















Sunway University College (formerly Sunway College) is a university college in Malaysia. The university offers postgraduate and undergraduate programs, and has a support system for international students. The campus has more than 120 classrooms and in addition it has 15 lecture halls. It was founded in 1987 as Sunway College and upgraded to Sunway University College in 2004 by the Malaysia Ministry of Education.

Sunway University College is rare among private higher education institutions in Malaysia in that it is operated by a not-for-profit trust foundation. Whilst tuition fees are priced at 'market' rates, all 'profits' earned cannot be distributed, but have to be re-invested into the trust foundation. The foundation has to date awarded more than USD$12 million in scholarships and grants to deserving Malaysian students since its creation in 1997.

This differs markedly from other private colleges aggressively promoting their courses. Some of Sunway's major competitors are listed on the stock exchange, or subsidiaries of publicly listed companies or privately held by business families.

Courses cover Accountancy, Nursing, Psychology, IT, Hotel & Tourism Management and pre-university foundation courses. Foreign universities affiliated to Sunway University include Lancaster University (UK), Manchester University (UK), Monash University (Aust), Victoria University (Aust) and Western Michigan University (USA)(

Sunway's accountancy training institute has produced students who have excelled in exams such as ACCA (UK) and the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales). All the Big Four accounting firms have sponsored their professional staff to study with Sunway.

Sunway University is under the Sunway Education Group which includes two branch campuses in Ipoh & Johor Bahru, Sunway International School (Canadian education) and Monash University - Sunway Campus (a joint-venture with Monash University, Australia). Sunway claims to have close to 9000 students, with another 4000 in Monash University's Sunway campus.( On average about 25% of both Sunway University and Monash are international students and the remainder Malaysian students.

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