Manohara Odelia Pinot

Manohara, Wife of Kelantan Prince, Leaked N♥de Video

Here is a crazy story and nde video sent to Huntology (at) Gmail (dot) com. The video is said to be of an Indonesian socialite by the name of Manohara Odelia Pinot who marry a Malaysian prince then made the claims he held her as a s★x slave and beat her. Supposedly the video is of the n♥de socialite with her prince husband behind the camera. In the video available for download below you heard the prince of Kelantan, Tengku Temenggong Fakhry Petra say "look at here Mano." And a fully naked Manohara then reply, "udah ah." The video ends with the credit "Collection of Kelantan Kingdom." So, did the prince leaked this n♥de video of his estranged wife? Are their more s★x videos of the two to come? The contributor wrote to the Scandal Shack with the following story:
Hello Gutter Uncensored,

I found a leaked nde video of Manohara Odelia Pinot, model and wife of prince of Kelantan, the one that recently made the news for accusing the prince kidnapping, beating, raping and torturing her.

Manohara even revealed to the press that the prince raped her with such force that her private parts were torn apart very badly in an abnormal way.

The 18-year-old Indonesian beauty queen and socialite said the prince is no more than a psychopath.

Manohara used to date Adrie Bakri, from the wealthy Bakri family in Indonesia when she was 14 to 16. But she claimed to still be a virgin then until she was raped by the prince and marry him willingly at 17, just 6 months later.

She was given her own private jet by the prince which she used to travel with her sister and friends.

Things must have taken a turn for the worse because she claim the prince used her as a sx slave. She said she was then kidnapped and mistreated by Kelantanese prince, Tengku Temenggong Fakhry Petra. Manohara legally married Tengku Fakhry last year in August of her free will reportedly.

She was seen and pictured with the prince in public on several different occasions after the marriage. And she was pictured in her private jet. You can find her wedding pictures with Tengku Fakhry by searching his or her name in Google.

While searching for the Manohara story, I found an article written in Indonesian with the title Foto Bugil Manohara which translate to Manohara Nde Pictures.

The nde pictures were stills from a video which was posted on a web forum popular with Malaysians. Ten pictures were posted but the link to the video posted there was already dead.

But the file name of the video was still there and I Google search the file name of: manohara******

And I got lucky. Here is the link to the video:*****************

The video is said to be from the Kelantan prince's private collection. In the video she look fat but in some of her pictures from the web she also look fat. I think she has an eating disorder because some times she is skinny in her modelling pictures but usually she is not in real life.

You can tell it is her because she is wearing the same necklace from her wedding pictures.

In the video she seem to be a willing participant. And the most shocking thing is whether the Kelantan prince or royal family leaked this video of her out of revenge.

Wow, this is f★cking crazy. I heard of the story of the Malaysian prince that raped his new Indonesian model wife but was not following it because there were no pictures or video. And generally I am not interested in rape related material. But in this video she does not appear to be doing anything against her will. She seem kinda too chubby to be a model and I doubt plus size models are popular in Indonesia. Probably her weight fluctuate or she recently put on the weight. Anyway, I guess she was willing player in at least some of the alleged s★xual activities with the prince.

If the Malaysian prince leaked this video of his wife, It probably mean he has a lot more which he may use to disprove her accusations. She seem to be happy and 100% willing in this video, is it is her in the first place. I can not image what went so wrong. BTW, this video was made after he raped her according to what I can gather from the story then why is she so happy with him? I know, its the private jet... Or it could be he pretty white BMW? The only thing the Gutter Uncensored did to the video was adding the watermark as usual. Everything else is as how the video was received. The video is a minute long but it repeats about 6 or 7 times so its really only about 10 seconds. Download the video after the pictures!

Screen shots:



Manohara, Wife of Kelantan Prince, Leaked Nde Video

Format: WMV - File Size: 7.03 MB - Runtime: 0:59 minutes








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